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Nestle Everyday Milk Powder
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Everyday Milk Powder
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Every day, mothers want to give their children the best. It is a never-ending commitment, one filled with the kind of joy only a mother can give

—which is what makes every glass of EVERYDAY milk, a rewarding choice. Packed with important nutrients and vitamins, it allows mothers to give care to their children from the inside—so they get to focus on giving the one other thing that keeps their child going; pure, unconditional love.

A glass of EVERYDAY milk contains:

Protein ~ for the development of healthy muscle tissue

Magnesium ~ to assist in the body’s absorption of Calcium

Calcium ~ for strong bones and teeth

Vitamins B1 and B2 ~ to help the body convert carbohydrate into energy

Vitamin B12 ~ to help build red blood cells

The goodness of EVERYDAY isn’t just good for children, it’s also good for the entire family. So start everyone off with a glass of milk, every day. And see how a little love can go a long way.

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