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Lee Kum Kee White Vinegar 李锦记调味白醋 473ml
Product SKU 078895122985
Brand Lee Kum Kee 李锦记
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Lee Kum Kee White Vinegar 李锦记调味白醋 473ml

Crystal clear and refreshing, Lee Kum Kee White Vinegar is perfect for pickling, making salads, sweet and sour dishes, and sushi. Simply add a few drops to enhance the aroma and flavour of your favourite dishes.

1. Pickles are usually made from cucumber, carrots, or pineapple. In some countries, pickles are made from several types of vegetables and put in bottles for fermentation.

2. When making vegetable or fruit salad, lime or lemon is usually used for A mixture of dressing or sauce, however, if oranges do not exist, vinegar can be used with a mild concentration to provide additional sour and fresh flavors.

3. It's used for sauces when it's fishy. Smeared with vinegar mixed with other seasonings, with a less concentrated, fishy scent. It'll be gone and the fish have a better taste.

4. It's used for mayonnaise or cake making. It'll give you a fresh flavor and make the food softer because of its high acid content.


Water, Rice, Sugar.


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473ml, Bottle

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