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EcoBrown's Grain - Beras Perang Kukus | Steam Brown Rice 蒸谷天然糙米 5kg
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Brand EcoBrown's @ JustBrown's
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Packed with 100% brown rice together with all the minerals and vitamins that come with it. Brown rice has a great nutty flavour which will compliment almost any dish that you choose to pair it with. Ideal for diabetics, weight watchers, and children too.  

ecoBrown's® Steam Brown Rice is produced from paddy grown locally and freshly harvested from fully ripened paddy from the most fertile and with abundance of tropical rainfall. The processing of ecoBrown's® Steam Brown Rice begins right after harvest. The complete grain of rice with its husk is pre-cleaned, steamed and dried with an ecofriendly natural drying process before dehusking the grains. Therefore, the purity of the rice is retained. Steaming process increases the amount of resistant starch which can act as a prebiotic and benefit gut health in humans. Besides that, it is also enables the water soluble vitamins and minerals from rice bran to dissolve and spread inside the endosperm. Steaming process also alters the nature of the starch, improving the cooking quality. Another health benefit of steam brown rice is that the starch in the grains is more gelatinized, making it easily digestible. ecoBrown's® Steam Brown Rice is processed by using modern technology and 100% vacuum packed to ensure maximum freshness and preserve its natural nutrients and flavour in each grain of steam brown rice. Serba Wangi and SW Foods are ISO 9001 and HACCP certified company in Malaysia.Category: Wholegrain Brown Rice
Ingredients: 100% Brown Rice

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