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Botan Vermicelli - Meehoon | Bihun 牡丹牌米粉
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  • Contains 12% moisture.
  • Thin, Traditional Rice Noodle.
  • Without seasoning
  • 100% Halal Certified
  • Product of Vermi Food Industries


    Vermi Food Solutions, a subsidiary of Vermi Industries, was established March 2017 as a response to a market saturated with unhealthy food choices. Vermi Food Solutions aims to provide healthier food alternatives and encourage the public to adopt healthier eating habits.

    Vermi Industries(established 1964) has been manufacturing vermicelli for 55 years. The company takes pride in its fully-automated and environmentally friendly manufacturing process designed to maintain stringent hygiene controls and is ISO 9001 and HACCP compliant, and is also certified “HALAL” by JAKIM Malaysia. All food products from Vermi Industries are made without the use of artificial preservatives, flavouring and/or colouring.

  • Cooking techniques

    • Blanch the vermicelli in boiling water, drained and quickly cool in cold water before stir-frying. The cold water treatment is the standard procedure to cook wonton noodles. I find that it works best for the rice vermicelli too, and it produces a springy texture and less sticky.
    • Soak the vermicellifor two hours or until thoroughly hydrated and soft before stir-frying. This method is simple to execute, but the texture of the vermicelli will not become springy. The vermicelli will tend to clump together during stir-frying. It is quite common among the hawkers because this method is simple to take much less time, especially when they need to prepare in large quantity.
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