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Ecobrown's Grain- Beras Perang | Brown Rice 大自然糙米 5kg
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Brand EcoBrown's @ JustBrown's
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Beras Perang Ecobrown's Brown Rice 5kg  

The finest green products, 100% natural wholegrains, High in dietary fibre, Naturally cholesterol free, Higher in wholegrains, Vacuum packed for freshness, Gluten free, GMO free, Halal - Malaysia

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ecoBrown's Original Brown Rice is produced from naturally ripened and freshly harvested paddy in the remote and unpolluted Muda Irrigation regions of the rice bowl states. The natural endowment of fertile soil, favourable weather in combination with generation of farmer's knowledge have produced the best quality harvest in the country. First in Malaysia to adopt ecofriendly natural drying process and thus the grains are free from contamination. The grains are then carefully hulled, cleaned and subsequently vacuum-packed to preserve the freshness, nutritional value and its natural flavour. With all the additional nutritional values in the Bran and the Germ (Embryo), ecoBrown's Original Brown Rice is truly an invaluable gift of Mother Nature for a superior and a healthier life.
ecoBrown's Original Brown Rice is a 100% wholegrain product and meets the nutritional guidelines of Health Promotion Board of Singapore and is awarded with the Healthier Choice logo. With stringent quality control, ecoBrown's Original Brown Rice is 100% vacuum packed by one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art processing plant to ensure maximum freshness and preserve its natural nutrients in each grain of brown rice. Serba Wangi and SW Foods are ISO 9001 and HACCP certified company in Malaysia.

Original Unpolished Brown Rice

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