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Bamboo Leaves Daun Bakcand 上海粽叶 300g
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Bamboo Leaves- Basic ingredient to wrap a rice dumpling in dragon boat festival. - Lenght of item: 8cm/ 9cm/ 10cm/ 11cm/ 12cm - Net weight: 300gm - able to wrap up to 20+- rice dumpling (small size), 20+- rice dumpling (Big Size)

1. Wash glutinous rice, soak 4 tsp or more in cold water, and drain the water, then stir in the seasonings.

2. Wash the mung beancress, soak 1 tsp in cold water, drain and set aside.

3. Cut the meat into pieces, blanch in boiling water, and drain. Add seasoning ingredients, marinate overnight.

4. Wash the shiitake mushrooms and soak in water, set aside.

5. Boil water, add bamboo leaves, soak straight and soft. Wash the bamboo leave.

6. Pour peanut oil into the wok, heat up, add 1 tablespoon of garlic rice, sauté fragrant, then add dried shrimps, and stir for a while. Add shiitake mushrooms and meat and sauté until fragrant. Take out and spare. (It doesn’t matter if you don’t fry)

7. Take 2 Bamboo Leaves, add 1/3 glutinous rice first, add braised meat, shiitake mushrooms, green watercress and chestnuts. Join again 2/3 of the glutinous rice is wrapped into triangular Rice Dumpling, tied with wet dumpling string, which is called Rice Dumpling.

8. Put the wrapped rice dumplings into the pot, add water and cook for about 2 hours, then simmer for about 3 times over low heat, that is edible. (I use a pressure cooker, it takes 35 minutes)

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