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A1 Soup - Rempahan Sup | Bak Kut Teh Soup Spices 肉骨茶汤料 35g
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A1 Bak Kut Teh Soup Spices HALAL 肉骨茶汤料 35G*1PKT

A1 Instant Bak Kut Teh Spices is an instant Bak Kut Teh soup that is made from various herbs. Bak Kut Teh is a Chinese Herbal Soup that originated from Klang, Malaysia.

-Ingredients :Angelica pepper , Aralia Cordata , Sinensis , Cinnamon , Pauranii , Star Anise , Cigustica.-Preparation :2kg meats, 8 pieces of garlic , 2 spoons of black soy sauce , 4 spoons of light soy sauce , 2 spoons of oyster sauce , salt , 10 bowls of water and one packet of A1 Herbal soup.

-Cooking Instruction :1, Rinse meat.2. Pour 10 bowls of water (3L) to boil, then put in A1 herbal Soup. Use medium temperature to cook for 1/2 hours3. Add pepper before serving

A1商标槟城肉骨茶”! 烹调肉骨茶可选用各类肉骨、菇类、大蒜和豆朴。汤底方面则加入酱油, 黑酱油,盐,糖或味精做为调味料。(肉骨茶可依据个人口味烹调出“白肉骨茶”或“黑肉骨茶”,两者皆是大众喜欢和可接受的口味。) 肉骨茶通常与白饭或面配食(亦可作为面料汤底)。食用时可加入油条和生菜,亦可加入芫荽或青葱做为点缀。 此外,肉骨茶还有独特的特制沾酱;即是以蒜蓉、小辣椒、酱油和黑酱油配制而成。 A1公司所研制的“A1山标 - A1商标槟城肉骨茶王”可烹调各种肉类如烹制牛骨、羊排骨、鸡肉、素羊肉或素食排骨等。在马来西亚肉骨茶非常著名的传统药材和香料汤,也可俗称:“REMPAHAN SUP TULANG”。不但如此,A1山标 - A1商标槟城肉骨茶王”也荣获马来西亚回教公会所颁发的清真食品“HALAL”认证书,所以非常适合各各种族使用。

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