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A1 Vermicelli - Suhun Kacang Hijau | Instant Green Bean Vermicelli 三分钟即煮绿豆冬粉 250g
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A1 3 Mins Instant Green Bean Vermicelli / 3 Minit Suhun Kacang Hijau / 三分钟即煮绿豆冬粉

Low Calorie 低卡路里!

● 1 bunch = 140kcal ( 1/2 bowl of white rice.)

● 一束绿豆冬粉140卡,只有一碗饭二分之一热量!

Low-Sugar Diet 低糖饮食!

● The GI value only is as low as 32, so it resists the insulin synthesizes into a body fat.

● 绿豆冬粉GI值只有32,不易刺激胰島素合成脂肪。

Solid Sense of Satiety 饱足感强!

● Green Bean Vermicelli is one of the best absorbent food materials among the noodle category, a bowl of Green Bean Vermicelli soup is fair enough to give us a feeling of fullness.

● 绿豆冬粉是面食类中吸水膨胀度最高,一碗就能让您充满饱足感。绿豆冬粉绝对是您维持体态的最佳选择!

Green Bean 绿豆:

- Low calories,high protein & variety of vitamins.

- 卡路里含量低,富含大量蛋白质及多种维生素。

- Detoxification & thirst quencher.

- 有清热解毒、止渴消暑的功效。

- Improve immunity & prevents infections.

- 具有抗菌抑菌的作用,提高免疫功能间接发挥抗菌作用。

- With antioxidant & helps the body to enhance cell production.

- 具有抗氧化作用,能促进细胞再生。

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